New Cargotec boom truck crane for emerging markets

31 October 2011

Cargotec has launched the latest of its ST line of boom truck cranes, the lightweight ST 080, designed specifically for users of stiff boom cranes in emerging markets.

With a lifting capacity of 3.2t, Cargotec’s ST 80 is available in two models. The hexagonal profiled boom is available with either two or three telescoping extensions (the ST 083-032 or the ST 084-032), with 7.8m and 10.1m horizontal outreaches respectively. For easy and precise operation each cranes’ hydraulics features the Hiab Valve 80 H as well as a load holding valve, designed to ensure the load is kept in place even in the event of fluid escaping from the hydraulics hoses. In addition to the ‘cross control’ system that allows the user to place themselves on either side of the crane during operation, Cargotec says these features contribute to a quick, user-friendly crane that reduces loading and unloading times to boost productivity. Cargotec’s Marcel Kappe commented: “The need for ST cranes is rising rapidly in the emerging markets. We are delighted to be able to present our customers with more alternatives, so that they can find the best solution for their work.” The ST series of cranes are made with hexagonal booms using only one weld to reduce boom deflection and reduce maintenance. Cargotec says the hoisting system is easily adjustable for jobs where a higher capacity or greater speed is needed, with large wire drums and a powerful motor combining to this end. Each model has variable line pull capability as standard — with three pulleys on the boom tip and three on the hook — allowing two line or four line pull operation for heavier loads. To lower the engine’s noise emissions and fuel consumption, a ‘revolution control’ function is included, and acts to automatically lower the number on revolutions when the lift control levers are not being operated.