New Enerpac low-height skidding system

8 January 2018 by Sotiris Kanaris

Enerpac Heavy Lifting Technology has introduced the Low-Height Skidding System, expanding the jack and slide options for heavy lift and rigging contractors and machinery movers.

Part of the Enerpac HSK-Series Skidding Systems range, the Low-Height Skidding System’s modular design comprises a series of skid beams allowing quick setup.

The LH-Series Low-Height skid beams can fit in tight spaces, as small as 92mm, while still offering up to 400t skidding capacity with two push-pull units.

Loads are moved by hydraulic push-pull units, travelling over special PTFE-coated pads placed on the skid tracks to reduce friction. The skidding system’s push-pull cylinders are powered by a standard Enerpac split flow pump to ensure each skid beam travels synchronously. It also allows bi-directional operation, at full capacity, avoiding the need to reposition cylinders when switching skidding direction.

In addition to its low height, the LH-Series offers a 2-in-1 design. It can be used either on a fully supported surface or combined with the optional track support for added rigidity when the support surface is not fully supported or when spanning a gap is necessary. This two-part design means contractors do not need to own two sets of track for various ground support conditions.