New Jaso low top

20 May 2020

Jaso has expanded its portfolio of low top tower cranes with the addition of the J800.48. It is the second largest crane of the low top range, with the largest one being the J1400, which was launched during Bauma 2019.

This model has a maximum capacity of 48t, maximum reach of 80m and tip load of 5.1t.

During erection the section with the pennant attached is lifted in one piece with the first two sections, to form the extremely short 23m boom. The rest of the jib can be assembled in 2.5m sections reaching the full 80m boom.

The short swing radius of the J800.48, the minimum of which is 18.6m, is achieved using only one of the four modular counter jib configurations. More modules can be easily added, reaching the longest 28m counter jib when a 80m boom is mounted.

The new J800.48 has a freestanding height of 73.6m, working with single reeving and using standard 2.16 x 2.16m tower system, which is in 5.6m long tower sections. When using TSP20-5.6 sections, maximum hook height of 101.7m can be achieved with the minimum 23m boom, and 90.5m with the maximum 80m boom.

With single reeving the maximum capacity stands at 24t, while 4.1t can be lifted at 80m. With double reeving the maximum capacity is 48t, while at 80m the maximum load is 3.3t.  

The standard hoist motor is 150hp, while the optional 180hp motor unit gives a maximum speed of up to 150m/min. The hoist winch comes with a Lebus grooved drum especially designed for Jaso. It allows enough rope for a 455m hook height when working with simple reeving, and up to a 277m hook height when double reeved.

The crane can be transported in standard 40ft containers, with no need of open top or flat rack units.