New Tadano loader and RT

11 September 2018 by Sotiris Kanaris

Tadano has launched its biggest loader crane, the TM-ZX1505. The company has also announced a 20t rough terrain specifically for the Oceania market.

The newly developed TM-ZX1505 has a maximum lifting load of 15t at 2m, and a maximum boom length of 18.5m.

Tadano said it boasts the largest work area in its class with a maximum load radius of 18.07m and a maximum lifting height of approximately 20m.

“The heptagonal boom made of high tensile steel has a high rigidity and also a strong capacity against lateral deflection in combination with two powerful elevating cylinders that support great work capabilities,” said Tadano.

The loader crane is also equipped with rear outriggers, which ensure more stable workability. The AML (Automatic Moment Limiter) that monitors crane work safety is equipped as standard and it provides a "strength monitoring" function, which prevents crane overloading, and a "stability monitoring" function, which prevents the crane from falling over.

“In particular with loader cranes, as the vehicle stability changes with the loading and unloading of the truck bed, a safe maximum working capacity is always ensured through the detection of the jack reaction force,” the manufacturer said.

The loader crane is fully loaded with equipment that supports safe and comfortable work for the operator, such as: a digital display, which shows actual and rated loads; a central control panel with various switches; a working height limiter for which the maximum boom height can be set at sites under power lines, indoors, and other sites that have height restrictions; the "Hook-In" system, which enables the hook block to be stowed with the flick of a switch; and an anti-two-block device that prevents the boom and hook block from coming into contact during winching.

The TM-ZX1505 is scheduled to go on sale from October 2018 and will be primarily launched in the Middle East and Southeast Asia regions.

Customised for Oceania

The new GR-200EX is produced specifically for the Oceania market with Tadano ensuring it meets all the standards and regulations and requires no modifications.

“Boasting an array of new features, the latest technology and the tightest swing radius in its class, this tight-access 20-tonne class machine is sure to please,” said Tadano.

The cab of the GR-200EX has been outfitted with an improved design for better operator comfort, increased visibility and includes the Tadano View System.

The crane features a customizeable sensitivity control and a human detection system. With the hydraulic underslung fly jib paired with a set-up remote control, one-man configuration is safer and faster.  

Tadano said there is high interest for the new crane from customers in the Oceania region (Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea).  Deliveries of this crane have now begun.