Palazzani enters mini crane market

30 September 2020

Specialising in earth movers and aerial work platforms, Italian firm Palazzani Industrie has introduced the RPG range of mini cranes, with the RPG 2900 being the first model launched.

“RPG 2900 has been developed after an accurate analysis of the market and of the different needs of our customers,” said Paola Palazzani, commercial director of Palazzani Industrie. “They were asking us for a versatile and high-performance product, equipped with specific attachments, therefore we decided to open a new division of products: Palcrane, the mini spider cranes that combine the characteristics of pick-and-carry with compact mini cranes.”

The Palazzani RPG 2900 mini crane is the first model of the Palcrane range, backed by the company’s experience in the aerial working platforms sector. Aiming to create a competitive and high-performing product, Palazzani designed the RPG 2900 with the same level of technology as its AWPs.

With hydraulic management, combined with a double standard motorisation (bi-energy version), diesel engine and electric motor (single-phase or three-phase according to the customer choice), the Palazzani RPG 2900 mini crane is able to operate both indoors and outdoors, on flat or uneven ground and on slopes or stairways.

Delivering a capacity of 2.9t at 1.5m, while remaining compact at just 730mm wide, the RPG 2900 passes through a normal access door and can operate on delicate floors even with reduced capacity. The standard radio control with display allows a single operator to safely carry out all manoeuvres.