Palfinger launches two models

12 May 2020

Palfinger has expanded its offering in the 40-50tm loader crane segment, with the introduction of the PK 45.002 TEC 5 and PK 48.002 TEC 7 models.

The PK 45.002 TEC 5 has a maximum lifting moment of 43.7tm, maximum lifting capacity of 15.6t. The PK 48.002 TEC 7 has a maximum lifting moment of 45.7tm and maximum lifting capacity of 16.5t. In terms of outreach these models are identical: the maximum hydraulic outreach is 21.2m, manual outreach can reach 25.9m and the outreach with fly jib is 33.9m.

 “Our PK 48.002 TEC 7 and PK 45.002 TEC 5 perform outstandingly with or without a fly jib. One common variation is the PK 48.002 E with PJ150 E, which combines six extensions on the crane and a further six extensions on the fly jib for enormous lifting capacity,” said Michael Völker, Palfinger’s head of crane product management.

The manufacturer says the lightweight design of the polygonal profile (P profile) ensures that the extension boom system remains highly stable all the way to the boom tip despite the lower dead weight.

Of these new cranes, one can choose between three fly jibs (PJ075, PJ090, PJ150). This means that DPS-P or DPS-C is always on board, helping to utilise maximum lifting power in fly jib mode. The PK 48.002 TEC 7 E combined with PJ150E and DPS-C for example, can lift up to 1,080kg to a height of 18m over a 17m outreach while positioned at 70°.

The cranes feature Power Link Plus, a double-linkage system that increases the crane’s lifting power, thanks to the special connection between the knuckle and main booms, as well as the main boom and crane column. “The knuckle boom can be overextended by an additional 15°, enabling even more potential applications for crane operators,” Palfinger adds.

The TEC 7 model also features the ‘Weigh’ function that allows loads to be weighed directly on the crane.