Plansafe Solutions launches Safety Pro app

16 May 2017 by Sotiris Kanaris

Health and safety service provider Plansafe Solutions has launched Safety Pro, a server-based application for direct preparation of engineering reports following LOLER/PUWER/COSHH/PSSR inspections or examinations of plant and equipment.

According to the company, an engineer performing an inspection can synchronise their iPad with the server, whereupon the client’s asset register can be downloaded. A component checklist is then generated for the engineer to work through.

“Components can be either marked as examined or, if defects are found, given an A, B or C priority rating, as well as description of the defect, which can be selected from a range of predetermined engineering phrases,” explained Plansafe Solutions’ MD David Wood.

New assets can be added and redundant assets removed as the engineer works through the client’s range of equipment.

Upon completion of the inspection, the reports created consist of all vital information and data for each asset, including: individual serial number; safe working load or capacity; year, model and manufacturer; all defects or observations recorded.

When the report is completed, the engineer has the opportunity to proofread and correct any errors before finalising, whereupon his electronic signature is applied to the report and the client is billed for the service.

The foregoing information will be available to the engineer at his next inspection as the previous inspection report is always available within the downloaded information. The client has the ability to view the report online, but the report cannot be printed or emailed until the engineer’s work has been paid for.

According to Plansafe among the benefits of the Safety Pro app are: Massive savings on administrative time, simplification of recording inspection data, reduction in engineer’s site time, increases engineer’s economic efficiency and secure online storage of client data.