Potains in Peru

30 October 2018 by Sotiris Kanaris

The construction of the new Central Police Hospital in Lima, Peru, is underway with the help of four Potain tower cranes.

Two MC 175 B and two MC 125 cranes are providing fast work at the job site lifting formwork, prefabricated blocks, and more to ensure the new hospital will be ready at the start of 2019. The new six-story building is being constructed in the same spot where the old hospital was demolished in the Jesus Maria district.

The four Potain cranes were chosen by JJC & Dragados, the consortium managing the project, for their lift capacity and overall cost effectiveness. The consortium already had one MC 175 B in its fleet, and rented the other three from ETAC Peru, the country’s Potain dealer of the past 10 years. A Grove GMK5100 all-terrain crane is also onsite, assisting with heavier lifting.

“We decided to use these tower cranes when we learned that if we chose the right configuration, the MC 175 B could lift up to 8t and the MC 125 up to 6t, which met our needs. Mobile cranes were also an option, but the cost could have been four times higher,” said Carlos Rizzo, project manager of JJC & Dragados.

At the job site in Lima, the two MC 175 B cranes are configured with 40m and 45m jibs and erected to 44m heights, while the two MC 125 cranes have 50m and 60m jibs and are working at 45m and 40m heights.