RACE to connect your crane

16 May 2018

Effer cranes are offering a new connectivity system. Called RACE, and developed using iProgress 2.0 electronics, it allows users always to stay connected to their crane and to consult its data.

RACE allows monitoring of the crane from any stationary or mobile device, such as smartphone, tablet or PC. The Effer Service Point can connect directly to the crane via remote access and intervene to fix any errors, offering immediate support – an important saving in time and money, says the company.

It can also provide real-time tracking:  the client can view the crane-truck journey continuously every moment from their control panel. It also keeps track of the crane’s effective working time and measures the percentage of use with attachments such as fly-jib, bucket and basket. This makes it possible to see the performance of different units, to consult detailed reports on their activity and so optimise their use.

The RACE control panel can monitor how much time is left before the next maintenance of any operative unit is due, thus assisting in advance planning and increasing productivity, Effer said.