Raimondis at work in Florence

3 October 2019

Two Raimondi topless tower cranes have been erected in a historic district of Florence, Italy, to work on two properties.

Official Raimondi Cranes agent Assistedile erected a Raimondi MRT159 fitted with the Deluxe R16 Crane Cabin and a Raimondi MRT84, on the Via San Paolino, situated in front of the Santa Maria Novella church, one of Florence’s best known historic sites.

The cranes, chosen for the flexibility of the machines’ structural configurations and sourced from the existing Assistedile fleet, are participating in the build of a new luxury hospitality property, as well as the renovation and recovery of the San Paolo Apostolo church and convent, more commonly known as San Paolino.

 “We were pleased to take part in this important project in such a revered district in Florence. It required intense jobsite preparation as both cranes – positioned on embedded elements – had to meet strict provisions set by the archaeological superintendents that are put in place to protect the country’s historic structures and sites,” said Luciano Friso, managing director, Assistedile.

Crane configuration flexibility was required to continue to allow the entrance of vehicles into the jobsite, and to accommodate the extremely complicated logistics and viability of project in the center of Florence.

The cranes, on rent to Milan-based Ediltecno Restauri, are estimated to be required onsite for approximately 16 months. Assistedile will also handle the dismantle once the jobsite requirements are met.