Raimondis in Dubai

11 July 2018 by Sotiris Kanaris

Nurol Construction, part of the Nurol Group of Companies, has taken delivery of five new Raimondi cranes in the United Arab Emirates to add to its existing fleet.

The cranes, two LR213 luffers and three MRT294 topless tower cranes, are already at work across two of the contractor’s jobsites in Dubai. The three MRT294s are situated at The Cove, while the two LR213s are positioned at Creek Gate at Dubai Creek Harbor.

“The original site planning was executed in collaboration with Raimondi’s technical office at our Italian headquarters. The Raimondi Middle East operations team undertook the installations, and we will also later climb the cranes to heights required by Nurol to complete the projects,” said Wael Hasan, Middle East Commercial Manager, Raimondi Cranes. Hasan added that the LR213s specifically met the project’s requirements due to an extremely congested area with a high number of cranes already at work on neighboring sites, making the luffers ideal as the machines will not exceed project boundaries.

The company’s fleet already included a Raimondi luffing LR165 that has supported the build of many of the company’s projects in the UAE, and which is scheduled shortly to be erected on yet another Nurol site in Abu Dhabi.