Scheuerle launches six-axle SPMT PowerHoss

7 April 2021

Scheuerle, a subsidiary of TII Group, has expanded its SPMT PowerHoss series with the addition of a six-axle version, offering up to 330t of payload per unit.

It is the most powerful product of the series, which also includes two-axle and a four-axle versions. These versions offer payloads of up to 85t and 174.9t per module respectively.

The SPMT PowerHoss 330 has a width of 3,000mm and the manufacturer says it provides 40% more stability than comparable container-wide solutions.

A PPU drive unit (Power Pack Unit) is integrated into the transport platform, allowing the operator to use it immediately. Individual SPMT PowerHoss modules can be operated according to the plug-and-play principle; either mechanically or electronically in a loose coupling mode as well as being coupled to one another both laterally or longitudinally in order to meet even higher payload requirements. A vehicle combination of four SPMT PowerHoss 330s is able to move loads with a unit weight of up to 1,320t.

“The highly manoeuvrable all-rounder for intralogistic operations is not only easy and safe to operate but it can also be used on a wide range of surfaces both outdoors and in production halls regardless whether the road surface is made of gravel, asphalt, concrete or similar materials,” the manufacturer said.

For this reason and due to the high degree of axle compensation in the pendulum axle bogie unit, reloading is not required when transporting from a building into open spaces.

SPMT PowerHoss units are designed for use in shipyards, construction industry, power plants, mining and steel industries as well as in the petrochemical sector.