Self-erector for Sparrow Crane Hire

21 July 2020

Bristol, UK-headquartered Sparrow Crane Hire has taken delivery of a new Potain Hup 40-30 self-erecting tower crane, to cope with increased demand on restricted urban job sites.

The 30m height under hook means the Potain Hup 40-30 can clear tall urban buildings, while the adjustable outriggers ensure stability when working on a gradient. It has a maximum capacity of 4t, and can handle 1t at the 40m jib tip.

The crane was delivered to residential accommodation project in Bristol on a location surrounded by retirement flats that are already in use, requiring the contractor to maintain access at all times. The site is also on a slight gradient, making the adjustable height settings of each of the chassis legs another important advantage.

Tim Williams, sales manager at Sparrow Crane Hire, commented: “The Hup 40-30 was a great choice for this project. It’s working well within the particular project restraints and the customer is happy. The ease of transport and speed of set up are comparable to an Igo 50, which saves a day’s installation for the customer and the cost that entails. And it has that extra height difference to clear high buildings in urban work. That 7-8 m difference provides a considerable advantage.”