Self-steering dolly trailer

10 December 2019

Paderborn, Germany-based heavy cargo specialist Universal Transports has put the first FlexMAX self-steering dolly trailer with pendle axles into operation.

“This technology represents an absolute first in the field of the self-steering trailers,” said Faymonville. The concept is based on 19.5in pendle axles with single tyres, which are fitted in the five-axle dolly chassis operated by Universal Transport. This type of axle enables a legal axle load of 12t per line.

Combined with a`four-axle front dolly— also newly developed—with single tyres and 10t axle load, the result is a payload of over 100t. “This means that increasingly heavy concrete beams can be flexibly transported to their destination,” the manufacturer added.

“The hydraulic suspension on the dolly trailer has a positive effect on the road handling, which has been impressively demonstrated during the first transport jobs over the past weeks.”

This new technology is available with four and five axles. As an alternative to the 19.5in tyres, the self-steering trailer can also be supplied with the 100mm lower 17.5in tyres. The axle distance is 1,500mm, whilst the basic width of the vehicle is 2,540mm.

Universal Transport, who has been a long-standing Faymonville customer, took delivery of the first of five units ordered in the 4+5 configuration in October.