Six Liebherr towers in Berlin

13 November 2018 by Sotiris Kanaris

Six Liebherr luffing jib tower cranes are being used for the construction of publishing company Axel Springer’s new building in Berlin.

The cranes were supplied from Liebherr's own used and rental crane centre, the Tower Crane Center.

Four 357 HC-L 18/32 Litronic and two 280 HC-L 12/24 Litronic cranes are responsible for almost all the lifting work—fitting steel, transporting concrete, installing the façades and unloading trucks.

The 357 HC-L cranes are operating with tower heights of up to 77m and radii of up to 50m. The luffing jibs mean that the hook height is almost 130m. The two 280 HC-L cranes each have a tower height of 58m and a radius of 40m.

The cranes cover the site perfectly and, due to their maximum lifting capacities of up to 32t, are ideal for hoisting heavy prefabricated components.

Tower Crane Solutions also created several special solutions with the customer. For example, to ensure that the access point is freely accessible to site vehicles, one of the 357 HC-L cranes is positioned on a portal measuring 8m x 8m. This means that materials can pass under the portal for delivery to the site. Two other 357 HC-L cranes are assembled on foundation anchors within the building. The foundation for the building is also used as a foundation for the cranes—a very low-cost solution. A 357 HC-L crane is outside the building on an undercarriage measuring 8m x 8m. The same is true of the two 280 HC-L cranes.

Tower Crane Solutions has also come up with a smart concept for dismantling the cranes. At the start of 2019, the external luffing jib cranes will dismantle the internal cranes. The six cranes from the Tower Crane Center will have been in action on the Axel Springer new building for a total of two years before they are sent to their next job.