Spierings launches his biggest model yet

13 January 2003

Dutch manufacturer Spierings Kranen next month launches the world's biggest truck-mounted tower crane.

The SK 1266-AT6 comprises a self-erecting tower crane with a 60m jib, mounted on a six-axle all terrain carrier. It will be launched at the Utrecht building fair in the Netherlands, 3-8 February.

Maximum height under hook of the new model is 35m and height under jib is 37.2m. The crane lifts a maximum of 6t out to a radius of 20.5m and can lift 1.7t at full working radius of 60m. It not only outreaches Spierings' next largest model, the SK 598-AT5, which reaches 48m, but also the forthcoming Liebherr MK 100, which will have a 52m jib, according to Leo Spierings, owner and general manager of Spierings Kranen.

Leo Spierings has given the new model the additional name of 'Mighty Tiny', in honour of his late wife Tiny who helped him establish the company in 1987. Tiny Spierings died in October 2001.

Leo Spierings said that, despite its size, the crane takes just 15 minutes to assemble once the outriggers are out and down. In terms of reach, it competes with conventional telescopic boom all terrains in the 160t to 200t class, Spierings said. Outrigger footprint is 7.9m by 7.45m. The carrier is 3m wide and 12.03m long and the whole vehicle length, including overhang at back and front, is 16.3m.

Spierings has already taken orders for four units from Dutch customers and has a further seven in negotiation.