Tadano’s 15t compact RT

1 April 2019

Tadano has launched a new 15t rough terrain, the GR-150XL-3. The new crane upgrades the earlier GR-150XL-2, which was popular in the North American market.

The GR-150XL-3 has a maximum capacity of 15USt (13.6t), a maximum boom length measuring 78.7ft (24m) and jib length of 11.8ft or 18ft. While it is a full-scale, 360° slewing, crane, it measures just 7.56m long, 2m wide, and 2.9m high.

This model has an upgraded lifting capacity of more than 70% the maximum single line pull. This new operator friendly feature allows more lifting operations to be done with a single line, allowing for improved hoisting performance and lifting capacities at most working radii when using four parts of line.

Compared with the previous model, the tail swing has been reduced from 5.3ft to 4.11ft with stronger single hoist layout, boosting efficiency and maneuverability in narrow spaces.

The long boom has an underslung hydraulic offset jib for ease of installation in urban areas and congested plants. Also, the new storage for the main/auxiliary hook blocks provides easy access when hook blocks need to be swapped. Outriggers can be safely deployed asymmetrically. The AML-E system detects extension and provides maximum lifting capacity for the surrounding area of the crane.

A new operator cabin provides more comfort and better visibility by changing the angle and height of the instrument panel in relation to the glass. In terms of technology, the new generation Tadano automatic moment limiter AML-E replaced the current 5.7in black and white screen with a vibrant 10.4in colour touchscreen.

As a part of the Eco function, the GR-150XL-3 has Positive Control System. The crane controls the quantity of hydraulic pump emission during crane operation in response to the amount of movement applied, thereby minimizing the fuel consumption and carbon footprint.

Tadano says that the main purpose of releasing of the GR-150XL series in North America is to replace the small Industrial cranes and cab down cranes which are popular in the region’s energy sector, and also for customer who lifts in narrow urban area.

The company sees a range of applications for the crane: maintenance in narrow spaces at energy plants, oil and gas tank maintenance, lifting in urban areas, internal inspection of bridges, and more.