Terex promises seamless service

14 March 2019

As Terex prepares for the sale of Demag to Tadano, and the end of production of those mobile crane lines built in Oklahoma City (OKC), the company has taken steps to reassure customers of its ongoing commitment to service and support.

A key concern for customers with a deal like this will be continuity of service. Terex is keen to stress that it has planned for, and invested in, maintaining service and support through the deal process.

Terex said it, “remains committed to supporting all of our customers’ businesses with parts and services on an ongoing basis for all products including those being discontinued, as well as Demag mobile cranes through to the transition of ownership to and service by Tadano.

“We continue to heavily invest in mobile crane equipment support and have added key roles to our parts and service business over the past six months. Existing support contacts and procedures will remain in place.

“In addition, we are dedicating engineers with expertise in small crawler cranes/domestic OKC models and hydraulics expertise to parts and services, and we are increasing parts inventory for our mobile cranes previously produced in OKC, including nearly $1m of additional parts inventory to support rough terrain cranes alone.”