Trans Carrier’s fast truck

5 January 2012

Canadian oilfield hauling company Trans Carrier has purchased an unusual National Crane NBT55 boom truck featuring a custom-designed, faster truck made by Kenworth. The truck combines a tractor-trailer and a crane in one unit.

Trans Carrier had experienced increased demand for jobs requiring driving loads to remote sites. This meant the customer rented both a crane and a tractor-trailer to move the load to the site over several days, costing customers thousands in rental fees.

Trans Carrier’s general manager Tyler Kosick said he purchased the custom Kenworth truck to reduce these costs, as well as save on fuel, enabling him to pass along the cost savings to the client.

The custom truck can pull a trailer and travel with the crane faster than truck cranes or all-terrain cranes, said Manitowoc.

Kosick said the new machine can complete all phases of the project: “Before our new NBT55, many of the jobs for our customers required both a crane and a tractor-trailer. We spent a lot of time, effort and money to get two units out to the site.”

“With our new National Crane, we can use a single unit for the lifting work and the hauling. You’re basically getting one machine to do the work of two.”

Trans Carrier’s NBT55 saves fuel because it combines two units,” said Kosick. “By using only one unit to make the picks and haul the load, customers reduce not only the rental fees, but also fuel costs and the overall environmental impact.”

Trans Carrier purchased the crane from National Crane dealer Falcon Equipment in Vancouver, which took on the challenge of mounting the NBT55.

Blair Norberg, Falcon Equipment sales manager, said: “We were excited to be a part of the project. It was a collaboration of everyone involved. This is the only NBT55 in North America to be mounted on a semi-tractor. Not only is it a first for TCL, it’s a first for Falcon.”

Kosick said the machine has earned positive client feedback. “We have received some strong feedback about the NBT55,” he said. “People are excited about the crane and about how it can run jobs more efficiently.”

NBT55 is National Crane’s largest-capacity boom truck, and may be provided with either 26 ft or 45 ft boom extension. It features a lifting capacity of 55 USt and a four-section full power boom measuring 102ft. When provided with the five-section boom, the book truck’s overall length reaches 128ft. The boom’s position-sensing system aids in load chart selection.

Trans Carrier's custom NBT55 Trans Carrier's custom NBT55