Transportes Montejo transports excavators

23 January 2018 by Sotiris Kanaris

Colombian logistics company Transportes Montejo has used transport solutions from Goldhofer to move two excavators, weighing 800USt and 1,200USt.

The company moved a 1,200USt Komatsu P&H 2800 XPC mining excavator a Goldhofer PST/SL combination with two 360 kW Powerpacks and three Kenworth 6x6 tractors.

Carlos Eduardo Alfonso, operations manager at Transportes Montejo, said: “We finally decided on a triple axle combination comprising 16 Goldhofer PST/SL-E and THP/SL axle lines. Planning the operation alone took five days, with another four days required to handle the operation itself.”

The 32 km route included two mountains, each with up to 5 percent gradients, plus the 30m long Puente Doña Raque. “With the help of the Goldhofer service team we were able to distribute the load of the 2800 XPC on the combination to best effect and complete the journey exactly according to plan,” said Alfonso.

Transportes Montejo also transported an 800USt PC 8000 hydraulic excavator over 25km of difficult terrain on the site of the Drummond Mine in La Loma, Colombia. In view of its huge size, an extra-strong ramp was used to load the excavator onto a double-width 16-axle self-propelled combination, which then carried the excavator to its new operating location without a hitch.

“The extremely robust THP/SL modules with their low deadweight have a high bending moment and are ideal for handling heavy and concentrated loads, e.g. when used with a low bed,” said Goldhofer.