TRT launches TIDD PC28

28 June 2019

New Zealand-headquartered Tidd Ross Todd (TRT) has enhanced its range of TIDD pick and carry cranes, with the launch of PC28.

The new model has a lifting capacity of 28t and a full-power three-section telescopic boom. Its small footprint of 2.5m allows it to move and be set up in tight spaces. It offers slewing up to 44° for maximum maneuverability onsite. In addition, it has a 75% stationery chart and 66% pick and carry chart.

An important feature of this machine is the patented Slew Safe, designed to minimise the risk of a crane rollover when the crane is lifting on uneven surfaces. Slew Safe provides the operator with feedback through the steering wheel that they can feel when the crane moves into an unsafe operating zone, and visually through the dynamic load indicator (LMI).

Another safety feature of the TIDD PC28, is a pressure monitoring variant developed by TRT.

“We are proud of the new TIDD PC28 crane the (TRT) team has designed and manufactured. We consulted with industry to produce a crane that will work to improve operator safety and deliver productivity improvements across Australasia and based on the feedback we have from the launch, the industry agrees,” said Lawrence Baker, chief operations officer at TRT.