Two new rigging products from Modulift

27 September 2021

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Clevis Drop Link and Delta Plate and Trimod launched at UK trade show.

UK lifting beam specialist Modulift has launched two new products: the Clevis Drop Link and Delta Plate; and the Trimod.

The Clevis Drop Link and Delta Plate is exactly what the name suggests: a clevis drop link combined with a delta plate. “It enables easier, faster rigging and smaller bottom shackles can be used,” said John Baker, commercial director at Modulift at the recent Vertikal Days trade show in Peterborough where the company debuted both products. “They are particularly good to use for repetitive lifts.”

The Clevis Drop Link and Delta Plate is compatible with Modulift’s full modular spreader beam range and is designed to replace the standard drop link for certain specific rigging situations.

According to Modulift, the construction of the Clevis Drop Link and Delta Plate makes the product unique. Different size delta plates are suitable for various bottom shackles which can be installed in the same clevis drop link, explained Modulift. This, it says, makes the product extremely flexible and compatible with a range of shackles.

The product is supplied in an assembled condition for faster on-site rigging, with two smaller size shackles replacing one large lower shackle (as you would see in a standard spreader configuration). The flexibility of the system enables variable angles on the bottom slings ranging from 0-45 degree STV, Modulift added.

Harshal Kulkarni, engineering manager at Modulift – who is leading the development of the product, said, "At Modulift, we are always challenging our capabilities and how far we can go in product innovation. Our customers are always at the forefront and this product is extremely efficient in compatibility, cost, flexibility and assembly and design. It's tested and certified in accordance with DNV-ST-0378."

The second product launch, the Trimod, is designed for three-point lifts and can be extended to six-point lifts.

“The Trimod corner units are compatible with Modulift Spreader Beam struts and are suitable for circular lifts such as tank roofs, pressure vessels and hot tubs and make rigging arrangement simpler,” added Baker.  

Modulift’s Clevis Drop Link and Delta Plate on display at Vertikal Days
The Trimod on display for the first time on Modulift’s stand at Vertikal Days
The Clevis Drop Link and Delta Plate