UK closes tyre loophole

23 July 2008

Mobile crane operators in the UK can now make full use of Michelin’s latest X-Crane tyres.

In the UK, maximum speed is 40mph for loads up to 15.5t per axle, and 36mph for loads up to 16.5t per axle. In Ireland and continental Europe, cranes with the same loadings can travel at 43mph and 50mph. A legal technicality has prevented users from travelling this quickly.

STGO regulations in the UK class mobile cranes under three principal categories, including category A, with axle weights of up to 11,500 kg, category B with axle weights up to 12,500 kg and category C with axle weights up to 16,500 kg. These weight restrictions are aligned with speed restrictions, with motorway limits set at 60 mph for category A, 50 mph for category B and 40 mph for category C. Tyres used in category C—above axle loads of 15.5t/axle—require formal tyre manufacturer approval, which Michelin has given.

Michelin X-Crane tyre Michelin X-Crane tyre