Valla launches 11t electric crane

15 February 2021

Italin pick and carry crane manufacturer Manitex Valla, subsidiary of US-based Manitex International, has launched the battery-powered V 110 R, which can be operated using a remote-control.

The new crane has a maximum capacity of 11t and maximum lifting height of 10.4m. Like the V 80 R, this crane has front wheel frive and removable counterweights in order to enhance transport flexibility.

The machine has maximum turning radius of 3945mm, maximum width of 1497mm and maximum machine height of 2232mm. Manitex Valla says these dimensions make the machine suitable to work in tight places and congested areas.

The V 110 R features include the hydraulic system, 180° rear steering, electro-hydraulic brakes, and on-board charger. The manufacturer also offers a number of optional features and attachments such as: extended wheelbase, winch, self-leveling forks, stabilizer bar, non-marking wheels and foldable jib.

“We have studied the V110R to adapt to both rental and end users’ requests,”  said Carlo Forini, general manager at Manitex Valla. It is a machine that is aimed at the more mature markets that see electric pick and carry cranes as a fundamental tool for obtaining certain performances by operating in a simple way, with maximum safety and respect for the environment.”

Steve Filipov, CEO of Manitex International, said: “When we say Valla, we mean versatility. Those who work with Valla pick and carry cranes know the benefit and the return of investment of these machines well. What they appreciate about a Valla is the possibility to adapt the crane to the most diverse application sectors that require high performance, safety and ease of use. The all new V110R crane was born precisely to satisfy all these requirements.”