WingMax for 70m+ blades

9 June 2020

Faymonville has launched WingMax, part of the TeleMax flatbed semi-trailer series, for the transportation of wind turbine blades with length exceeding 70m.

The flatbed semi-trailer is available as a three or four-axle model and is designed for use with four and five-axle trucks.

Among the technical advantages highlighted by Faymonville are: the enormous gooseneck stroke, longest available loading platform with four-fold extension, gooseneck length compatible with five-axle trucks and strong 19.5in pendle axles.

Pendle axle technology provides for a steering angle of up to 60° and a maximum stroke of 600mm. "In combination with the hydraulically lifting and lowering gooseneck, the new WingMax can virtually overcome any obstacles that cross its path, such as roundabouts. As a result, the route is manageable even in the case of demanding terrain conditions and road profiles," said product manager Rainer Noe.

The hydraulically operated gooseneck raises itself by up to 1,700mm, which enables considerable ground clearance.

Other important features of this semi-trailer are: the sliding load supports for the blade tip frame, which enable the semi-trailer to be shortened even under load; hydraulic support legs, simplifying the extension or retraction of the telescopic loading platform; the double-sided locking of the telescopic stages, which ensures increased driving stability; the 2,000mm track width of the axle bogie. The reinforced locking positions ensure the optimum transmission of pulling and braking forces, the company adds.

The radio remote control for all hydraulic functions is an additional advantage for the user. The design of the semi-trailer using high-tensile steel also protects the freight against the effects of external forces. Faymonville has created a video for the new WingMax, you can check it out here.