Working at 89m without tie beams

6 September 2017 by Sotiris Kanaris

For the construction of the Parc Glòries office building in Barcelona, rental company Remayser erected three tall Linden Comansa tower cranes without anchorage to any other structure.

Two LC5211 cranes are working at a freestanding height of 89m, without any anchor tie to the building, as the cranes are totally secure with such tower configuration.

“The diaphanous design of its 17 floors didn’t allow to tie the tower cranes on each corner of the building to any column or structure, but it was necessary to use tall tower cranes to finalize the job,” said Linden Comansa.

Remayser’s engineering service used Linden Comansa’s modular system, which allows users to combine different mast sections in the same crane, by means of transition sections.

In order to erect both machines, Remayser placed the stronger and wider mast sections at the bottom part of the tower. The 2.5m-wide sections were placed first, then the 2m-wide ones and finally the 1.2m-wide on top.

An LC1060 crane with freestanding height of 69m has also been erected. As the new building gains in height, this crane will be tied to the structure and will be jacked-up to a final height under hook of 97m.