XCMG opens new 5,000 unit capacity AT factory

9 July 2012

As part of a CN¥1.2bn investment in four new manufacturing sites in China, XCMG has officially opened its new 740,000m2 all terrain crane manufacturing facility in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province.

XCMG began construction work on the all terrain crane factory -- along with a loader factory, a concrete pumping plant factory and a concrete mixing machinery production facility -- last year, and officially commissioned all four factories in June.

With the CN¥5bn invested in the all terrain facility, the manufacturer says it will be aiming to produce 5,000 medium to large tonnage cranes, the first of which, a 1,200t QAY1200 all terrain, rolled off the factory's production line during the official launch ceremony.

At the launch XCMG chairman, Wang Min explained that the new factories marked a strategic transformation in the business, commenting: "XCMG's four manufacturing bases are the fruits of XCMG's accumulation of industrial knowledge and experience for several decades."

Highlighting three key areas of the company's achievements in developing advanced manufacturing processes, he continued, "First -- through a highly intensive, flexible, intelligent and all-digital management -- XCMG has developed the lean manufacturing and high-quality manufacturing capabilities on a level with the most advanced international benchmarking enterprises, highlighting the adherence to the new path of industrialisation of the high-end industry to be highly efficient, energy saving and environmentally-friendly.

"Secondly, XCMG has broken through in creating a new mode of mass production of large-tonnage loaders of 6t or more, super large-tonnage cranes of 120t or more on assembly lines. Thirdly, XCMG has created a new high-growth and full-blown field of complete sets of concrete machinery fully consistent with the German Schwing's technology."

In total XCMG believes the four new factories will contribute CN¥40bn to the production value of its current assets, taking the company a significant step towards achieving its goal of generating an operating income of CN¥100bn by the end of this year and CN¥300bn by 2015.

Commenting on the effect of XCMG's expansion in Jiangsu province, Secretary-General of the China Construction Machinery Association, Su Zimeng, said, "The successful commissioning of the four manufacturing bases is not only a great event of XCMG but also an exciting and encouraging event of China's construction machinery industry and will have a significant and far-reaching impact on the enhancement of the international competitiveness of China's construction machinery industry.