XCMG supplies 800t crawler for port construction in Israel

12 July 2017 by Sotiris Kanaris

Chinese crane manufacturer XCMG has supplied an 800t XGC800 crawler for the development of a port at Ashdod, Israel.

The project is lead by Chinese contractor PMEC (Pan-Mediterranean Engineering), a subsidiary of China Harbour Engineering Company, and forms part of the Chinese government’s ‘One belt, one road’ project aimed at improving land and sea links between China and the West.

The project at Ashdod comprises a 360m shipment wharf, a 600m seawall, a 1,480m revetment, a 1,230m container wharf frontage, a 770m operational wharf and a hydraulic reclamation of land of 620,000 sqm.

The 800t crawler crane is being used by the Chinese contractor for the construction of a wharf and the seawall.

Apart from the crane, XCMG has provided other pieces of construction equipment for this project used for hoisting riprap and Antifer-blocks (concrete blocks against waves).

“With historic significance, the project is an opportunity for China to consolidate its partnership with Israel, while producing profound impact to Israel’s economic development in the future. This project will usher China through the portal of Israel market,” said XCMG.