The 1750L is equipped with a mini jib (second jib) with three extensions, which allow the horizontal boom to reach up to 44m and to lift up to 300kg at the hook. This machine has been designed to achieve up to 47m of height so it can be ideal in the construction sector for heavy lifts.

The control system with multiple and simultaneous manoeuvres can allow swift, progressive and precise motions, so that the operator can work from the console of the mobile radio control.

The hydraulic system is fitted to all the extension booms to control their exit order. To optimise the load chart, the first extensions to come out are sized for higher capacities and the next ones are suitable for lower capacities.

“Effer cranes can also work in extreme situations and narrow spaces, and they can overcome potential obstacles that you may meet working with a mobile crane,” the company says.

“Effer cranes are quite appreciated in tree care, construction and foundations sectors thanks to their outstanding performance combined with a light structure.”

The user can also add different accessories such as bricks fork, grapple saw and basket.

“Our partners NALE and DEL have a great deal of experience with loader cranes and installation, and they’re affordable and able to give the customer the best tool to make his business grow,” the company says.