The Swiss railway line between Montreux and Lenk in Simmental is now over 100 years old. The oldest section between Montreux and Les Avants was opened in 1901 and even the newest, between Zweisimmen and Lenk in Simmental, has been in use since 1912. Operated by the Montreux Bernese Oberland Bahn, this single-track narrow-meter gauge line overcomes a difference of altitude of more than 850m.

This mountainous terrain requires several tunnels and bridges as well as an avalanche protection gallery. Since these constructions are very old, the desired structural safety is no longer assured, which is why they are currently under renovation or being rebuilt in accordance with the applicable standards. This includes the Lanciau bridge at Rossinière.

At the Pont du Lanciau, the old bridge construction must be completely replaced by a new steel construction. To do this the existing bridge pillars must also be refurbished. The framework conditions are demanding; due to the cramped, hilly terrain, not only the delivery of the crane but also the assembly is extremely diffi cult. Furthermore, the old steel structure needed to be removed in one piece in a tandem lift with a mobile crane.

Wilbert’s partner Kaufmann took on the overall planning and implementation, including delivery, crane assembly, and tandem lift, in cooperation with the customer.

The WT 650 e.tronic was mounted with an 8.0m cross frame on the lead-out of the adjacent dam’s support wall.

Rails, sleepers, ballast and high cable channels were removed and the foundations of the high-line poles taken away. For the tandem lift of the steel construction, the necessary mobile crane had to be secured with a special support. Currently, the new steel structure is being built and mounted and the existing bridge pillars have been refurbished. Subsequently new cable trays must be installed, the appropriate cable laid and the foundations of the catenary masts will be renewed.