The HTT-86110 telescopic truck terrain crane features simple, all-wheel steer capability for optimum crane maneuverability in congested spaces.

Other characteristics include steerable rear axles with super single tires that make the crane so agile.

The HTT-86110 offers four steering modes: independent front, independent rear, combination, and diagonal so that this crane can move in and around jobsites with ease. The crane’s turning radius is less than 8.3m from the centerline of the tire and this is comparable or better than similar four-axle all-terrain cranes.

In addition, a Tier 3/Euro Stage IIIA Cummins 359 kW (480- hp) engine can be adapted on the HTT-86110. For the North American market, a clean idle certified Cummins 336 kW (450hp) engine is also available; the international and North American market versions of the HTT-86110 come with 1,550ft. For these two market specific models, the carrier and upper engines couple to a ZF AS-tronic automated transmission with 12 speeds forward and two reverse.

The controls for this transmission are similar to an automatic and yet have the performance of a manual with automated pump disengagement for on-highway travel and jobsite maneuver modes.

The winch package offers a maximum line pull of 92.25kN (20,739lbs) and can provide over 71.17kN of line pull up to the 4th layer, ideal for 19mm (3/4in) wire ropes that are line pull rated at 69.83kN and higher. The maximum line speed on the winch is 150.9m/min (495ft/min).

Features of the HTT-86110 include a 50m main boom that outreaches truck crane competition and challenges European-built all terrain cranes in its tonnage class. The main boom tip height is 52.6m. The telescoping sections of the six-section pin and latch boom ride on Link-Belt’s proven Teflon impregnated wear pads,

which means there is no need to grease the bottom of this boom. In addition, all the sheaves and both pins of the hoist cylinder feature sealed bearings.

It is also available a 17.6m on-board fly that features four offset positions of 0°, 15°, 30°, and 45°, showing an innovative approach for erecting and stowing, focused heavily on minimizing the number of times a ladder is needed. The fly also includes an integrated 3.0m fly that reeves up to four-parts of line and is capable of 21.7t (24USt) lifts. The 3.0m fly is ideal for applications where two load lines are necessary for lifting one load.

A tilting operator’s cab adjusts from 0° to 20° and a pull-out "Cabwalk" provides easy entry into the cab for the operator.

There is a designated foot pedal for boom telescope operation, something not found in other cranes in this size class, the company says.

The driver’s cab also includes comprehensive gauges, tilt/telescoping steering wheel, and a clever place to store documents.

Its fiberglass construction is Link-Belt proven and the interior is acoustically insulated.

A work lighting package is available and comprises four high intensity LED work lights mounted on top of the operator’s cab, the right side of the superstructure facing forward, on the upper work platform, and on the left side of the superstructure facing out.

In addition, the front and rear axle groups of the HTT-86110 have a combined transport capacity of 44.6t at highways speeds in excess of 96.kph (60mph) – a fully equipped crane with 1.8t of the standard 7.2t counterweight onboard can still be under the transport capacity. An additional 20.2t of counterweight is offered bringing the maximum counterweight to 22t. With no counterweight, the HTT-86110 can travel under 11.0t per axle.

The 150t RTC-80150 Series II rough terrain crane features a six-section, pin and latch boom that delivers a maximum tip height of 94.8.

The boom has superior load telescoping capability and five boom extend modes. Powering the RTC-80150 Series II is the 261kW (350hp) Cummins QSL 8.9L with a Tier 3/Stage IIIA engine, and for the North American market, a 257kW (345hp) Tier 4f/Stage IV engine is also available.

The new 100t 100RT rough terrain crane provides a maximum tip height of 79.8m. A three piece bi-fold, on-board fly with an integrated 3.0m section is available and can be used for two line lift procedures.

The 140t TCC-1400 will show the longest boom length for a telecrawler in this tonnage class, including a six-section power, pin and latch boom measures 59.5m and an on-board three-piece bi-fold lattice fly will give the crane a maximum tip height of 78.m.
The TCC-1400 offers an impressive capacity chart at radius that rivals lattice crawler cranes with a similar base rating, the company says.