The crane includes a new, modern mast system. It combines lightweight, ultra-solid high strength steel on the trailer crane sector, with aluminum for many major components. An optional work basket can be mounted to the crane.

The new crane has an extension length of 34m, a maximum payload of 1,800kg and a total weigh of 3.5t. It has a lateral range of up to 23m. With a maximum load of 1,800kg, it has a lateral range of 4m. The sensor-monitored twin jib, with a length of 11.2m, allows high power reserves of the new crane.

The crane’s outrigger system, known as Multiflex, offers stability under a wide range of conditions. The new supports are swivel-mounted and flexible, and may be operated by remote control. They offer 256 different support positions for adaptation to any construction site, no matter how difficult the situation.

A new mechanism enables the supports to flexibly swivel past or lift over obstacles. The Multiflex supports feature folding technology that compensates for ground unevenness up to 50 cm without an additional substructure being necessary.

Another advantage of the Multiflex support is the possibility of optimally aligning the crane to the load. This not only increases safety, but also allows the operator to make optimal use of the maximum ranges at any time.

Options include an automatic self-levelling function and automatic retraction function, ensuring comfortable and fast retraction of the
The the new trailer crane AHK 34 features a completely new PLC control system. The remote has also been improved for intuitive crane operations with a combined rotary and pushbutton control switch,. As in all other Böcker PLC control systems, the new EHSC control unit also monitors the position of the four individually controllable supports in all situations and the attached load, and automatically calculates the respectively possible maximum operating range.