The Faktor 5 high girder bridge on show has been built for a customer in Mexico. It is shown carried on a PST/SL-E self-propelled module with hydrostatic drive.

This bridge is the eighth in the Faktor 5 series, which the Memmingen company introduced in 2013. It has a capacity of 100t deadweight for a payload of 500t.

Stefan Fuchs, CEO says: "In the high-end segment of the heavy haulage industry, Faktor 5 is now a household word. "It has become a generic term for a whole bridge category and that is something we are very proud."

In the field of trailers and semitrailers, Goldhofer’s Bauma offers three new products: a three-axle low-bed trailer from the Expert series; a four-axle low-loader semitrailer with an intelligent wheel recess solution that makes it an allrounder for moving construction machinery; and a 10-axle combination from the STZ-P low-loader semitrailer series with pendular axle technology.

The heavy-duty vehicle will include an FTV 300 blade transport device, which was especially developed for transporting rotor blades for wind power plants, a 12-axle combination with various modules from the THP/ SL family and a self-propelled module from the PST/ES-E series with hydraulic track width adjustment.

"Another attraction at the Goldhofer trade show stand will be the latest developments within the proven MPA system, with its wide range of possible combinations," Fuchs says.

Goldhofer will show vehicles with pendular axles and MPA axles. Providing these combinations, the company aim to demonstrate fast and flexible configuration of an MPA-K vehicle for an economical and versatile fleet operation.

"Our customers benefit not only from our outstanding engineering but also in terms of greater flexibility and reliability as well as faster and easier mobilization, critical factors for economical transport operations," Fuchs says