Cormach 125000

Cormach’s 125000, first shown at SAIE two years ago, has been engineered to offer a high lifting capacity (125tm) that could be installed on a 4-axle vehicle with 32t GVW that could keep an acceptable payload. The utilisation of innovative type of materials and the FEM based calculation made it possible to obtain a crane, with a 19.2m (63ft) boom length that stays within the limit of 13t (28,000 lbs) for the model with nine extensions, including 10m outrigger spread.

The crane has a height of 2,530 mm (8’ 4”)), including the base, which will be installed directly on the truck chassis. The crane length is 2,410 mm (7’ 11”) for a nine-extension boom.

The in line structure (all boom sections, including the fly jib, are in line), gives, Cormach argue, greater balance to the complete structure, because there are fewer deformations and side torsions while lifting the load. The centred structure permits the use of a large slew bearing (1,470 mm (4ft)) that gives a better distribution of the load on the sub frame, the company says. For the same reasons the crane has got wide shoulders – the external width of the turret supports is about 1,500 mm. The boom extension sections have an octagonal shape with 45° bending angles to give an optimal rigidity on both vertical and horizontal loads, it says.

The outriggers, which are installed on top of each other, can be allocated between the two front axles without forcing the operator to tilt them in order to retract them (180° hydraulically tilt up outriggers can be requested as an option). The outriggers extension cylinders oil supply system is external and uses cat tracks in order to make service operation easier.

The low height of the outer boom system has the capacity of a negative angle of 12° in relation to the inner boom. In order to keep the boom structure as low as possible, all boom extension cylinders are located on the boom sides. All extensions are controlled by individual cylinders,

Cylinders for 8th and 9th extensions are located inside the boom.

The rotation system is made out of two groups of hydraulic motors, brakes and gear boxes and has a net slew torque of 13,000 daNm (94,047 ft-lbs). The crane can work on 10% slopes.

The load-limiting device is the standard “Cormach” electric hydraulic system, simple and reliable. As an option Cormach offers an electronic system, interfaced with the radio remote control for the automatic control of all functions speed, equipped with display that shows the load condition.