In December 2017, Bigge lifted and set a bridge to support a 24in diameter sewer pipeline in Folsom, California. At a length of 230ft, and weighing 136,500lb, the steel structure is part of the expansion of this city in the foothills of Northern California. A Terex AC500 was deployed from Bigge’s fleet to complete the one-day job, operating at a boom length of 139ft at a 50ft radius.

The rig in and set up areas were prepared by the customer, providing a safe and stable base for the buildup/breakdown of the crane, and the hoisting operation.

Once the bridge was set, the jobsite had just 8.5in of clearance to rig the crane out. Efficiency in planning, communication, execution and operation contributed to the success of this project.

The Folsom Plan Area (FPA) consists of 3,585 acres of land adjacent to California State Highway 50, expanding Folsom’s city limits by 25%. Development is expected to occur in stages over the next 20 to 30 years.

It incorporates a balanced approach to urban development by protecting the region’s physical beauty while satisfying the ongoing needs of the city and its residents. This Plan Area lies within four separate watersheds, tributaries of the American River and the Consumnes River.