Using the machinery runner from the Grove all-terrain crane, which is integrated into the crane’s swingaway jib, allows the use of both main and auxiliary hoists for the operation of two hooks simultaneously. The design of the machinery runner provides greater distance between the two hooks, making it perfect for applications such as panel installations.

The crane served a vital function on the project, as the wall panels, which weighed up to 30.5t, had to be rotated from their horizontal position on the delivery vehicle to a vertical position for installation. Ideally, this operation had to be completed by a single crane as the congested job site meant finding space for a second crane to assist was a challenge.

Adding to the complexity of the project was the delicate design of the precast deflection panels, which required all rigging equipment for the installation to be installed vertically to avoid imposing any potentially damaging side loads on the panels. To ensure this part ran smoothly, Metcalf Crane Services used its own modular spreader bars, designed and manufactured in-house by the company.

The installation of the eight precast deflection wall panels is part of the Seaford Road grade separation project, being managed under the Victorian state government’s AUD6.9bn Level Crossing Removal project.