Incorporating two joysticks, the Zeus B2 transmitter is designed for tower and factory cranes. The Zeus B2 console has room for on/off and proportional commands, which is said to make it easily customisable for special applications.

The Zeus M6 is designed for such applications as hydraulic proportional cranes, telescopic handlers, crawler vehicles, and any other kind of machine for which single-axis joysticks represent the ideal type of movement command.

The Thor B3 transmitter is for more complex applications such as full accessory equipped factory cranes, hydraulic cranes, and special tower cranes machines. It contains three double-axis joysticks.

The Thor B4 and Thor M8 transmitters meanwhile have four double axis and eight single-axis joysticks respectively, and can control factory cranes, hydraulic cranes, crawler lifting machines, and other special machines.

The M8’s joysticks are said to represent the ideal type of movement command for machines moved by proportional electro-hydraulic valve banks.

The Thor NJ transmitter is designed for complex machines where proportional potentiometers, push-buttons and selector switches represent the ideal types of movement commands. The console on all Thor models has room for several on/off and proportional commands making them easily customisable for special applications, whether AC or DC powered, says Imet.