The company says that applying this total supply chain concept is unique in the transport, lifting and project forwarding market.

Fagioli, which is based in Sant’Ilario d’Enza in Reggio Emilia, was established as a transport business by Giovanni Fagioli in 1955. Continued investments in personnel, equipment and inhouse engineering soon led the company into an ever-widening market in heavy transport, lifting and project shipping with destinations and origins around the world.

Over the past few decades Fagioli has expanded further by investing and acquiring shares in heavy lifting companies and shipping firms. It has an international presence providing complete door-to-door services up to and including final erection of heavy and extra-heavy project components worldwide, including modular components industries.

Fagioli operates worldwide in the offshore, petrochemical, oil and gas, power, civil, heavy industry and shipyard sectors. Projects often require the company to provide turnkey solutions involving all of its core business activities. Fagioli can provide engineering know-how, in-house project forwarding, heavy transport, and lifting services, which enable it to handle all the different phases of a complete project.

“Fagioli has the experienced personnel, the engineering knowhow and group-owned equipment to guarantee a reliable and safe turnkey project service,” the company says.

Its vast fleet of lifting equipment includes strand jacks, ranging from 15t to 750t capacity; tower lift system; crawler cranes, with capacity up to 1,350t; a skidding and elevator system with capacity up to 60,000t, which was developed in-house by Fagioli; a push-up system with capacity up to 25,000t; 800t gantry lifting systems; a screw jacks system; and auxiliary mobile cranes.

This fleet of lifting machinery led Fagioli’s president, Alessandro Fagioli, son of the company’s founder, to create the motto ‘Technology moves the world’, because only with advanced engineering solutions can loads, which are becoming increasingly bigger, be lifted.

Some recent challenges for the company include being involved in the parbuckling operation and removal of the Costa Concordia; the installation of 12,000t caissons and barriers for the MOSE project to protect Venice from flooding; the installation of modules weighing up to 4,800t for the Adriatic LNG regasification terminal in Rovigo, Italy; and the transport of the Toti submarine in Milan.

Fagioli has personnel in every continent, leading to another motto—’the world… our passion’— as the company is recognised, and respected, around the world.