Since its establishment in Modena in 1974, Idrogru has specialised in the design and manufacture of truck-mounted cranes.

It has been building light, medium and heavy-duty cranes, which are mounted on standard commercial three-, four- or fiveaxle trucks. Its current portfolio comprises 12 products, with capacities ranging from 90t to 300t.

Over the past year, the manufacturer has launched two new models. Parked at its Bauma booth was the new KT160.36, which has a maximum capacity of 160t at 2.5m and can reach a maximum height of 36m. The other recently-launched machine is the KT200.33, which has a maximum capacity of 200t and can reach a lifting height of 33m.

The frame, outriggers, tower and boom of Idrogru cranes are made with high-tensile structural steel. The boom is raised by a double-acting cylinder providing a luffing angle from -2° to +80°.

They feature latest-generation computerised controls, a userfriendly Man/Machine interface, remote crane management, diagnosis and assistance. The cranes can be controlled by multiaxis joysticks.

The company’s cranes are often used for various indoor applications, for example press installations, because they are very compact. They are also used in outdoor applications, such as construction and material handling.

Roberto Vezzelli, the son of one of the four founders of Idrogru, took over the reins of the company four years ago. He said the customers appreciate Idrogru’s product finishing and quality as well as its ability to customise.

“They choose the truck they want, any brand, and we mount our crane on it. We can also produce special mechanical extensions of any dimension, tailor-made, to be assembled both on mechanic and hydraulic jibs, according to customer requirements,” Vezzelli said.

The company is increasing production to meet a rise in demand for its products, particularly in markets outside Italy.

“In the past we were selling in two markets, Italy and South Korea. Through international fairs, marketing, the internet and social media we have reached new markets. Now our best market is Japan, it is a very difficult market but we now have a lot of orders coming from our dealer there. We are also beginning to sell some units in Germany.”

With 45 years of experience in the industry, new machines and many potential markets to enter, at Idrogru they are optimistic about the future.