Kuebler determined that the most obvious route by road to the museum was impossible because there were too many low bridges, which could not accommodate the 5.5m (18ft) transport height.

Instead, a shunter pushed the locomotive to a line behind a shopping area near the museum. The Kuebler crew converted the ramp and loaded up for the 3km (1.9mi) journey. Along the revised route, tree branches had to be trimmed, traffic lights swivelled out of the way and streetcar electrical lines lifted to make way for the train. At 10:00pm the convoy of low-loaders (one for the locomotive and one for the coal-carrying tender) set out for the museum under police escort. Two hours later they arrived.

At the site, Kuebler had already set out 100 track mats to protect the surfaces of the park, and moved another 90t diesel locomotive out of the way. The next morning, Kuebler used custom-fabricated ramps to unload the locomotive and tender on to 0.5m (1.5ft) exhibition stands.

Kuebler unloads the locomotive Kuebler unloads the locomotive