Frank Torchard, president, GP MAT International, said, “As a proud member of the French construction community, GP MAT endeavors to continue to engage with our existing clients at every possible opportunity. In addition, we hope that Intermat 2018 will allow us, in partnership with Raimondi Cranes, to present our newest solutions to our market.”

Erected onsite will be the Raimondi MRT234 equipped with elevator, and the Raimondi LR330, launched in February 2018.

Raimondi’s new LR330 luffing jib crane features a new equilateral triangular jib design. “This innovative layout is structurally optimised and allows improved packing and transportation. It simplifies the construction phase, and reduces wind impact on the jib, thereby reducing out-of-service radius,” said Domenico Ciano, technical director of Raimondi Cranes.

Operators can control and tailor the machine’s work to their own preferences. “They can now choose between three different configurations, enabling a change in parameters related to the movement speeds and dynamic,” Ciano continued.

This functionality allows the operators to align the crane closer to their specific needs.

Combined with the new Raimondi safety control system there is a significant advance in performance and control of the LR330’s three movements.

To reduce pressure on the operator and to increase the overall level of on-site safety, the safety control system’s installed sensors monitor all of the crane’s movements, and the load, and alerts the operator with alarms and direct intervention when required.

“The LR330 is agile, and it is intelligent” said Ciano. He added that working at height has also been factored in with the crane’s simplified installation and dismantling procedures.

The LR330 has a maximum jib length of 60m and a maximum capacity of 18,000kg, with two falls and four falls configurations. At the maximum radius it can lift 3,300kg in Ultra-lift mode. Six different jib length configurations, from 30m to 60m, are offered, and three different hoisting winches: standard installed power of 80kW, the two falls configuration with 110kW, or the four falls configuration which has an installed power of 80kW. The rope capacities are 650m, 1,000m, and 980m respectively, and all winches may be equipped with a secondary emergency brake.

The LR luffing crane follows the October 2017 launch of Raimondi’s MRT234 flattop tower crane. “France is one of Raimondi’s strongest platforms. Our French market share in Raimondi is reflective of our dedication to manufacture intelligently-designed tower and luffing cranes, and the significant quality service put forward by our valued partner GP MAT since 1996. Together with GP MAT president Torchard and his senior team members, Raimondi’s entire executive team will be onsite at Intermat,” said Domenico Ciano, technical director, Raimondi Cranes.

“Under Torchard’s leadership, GP MAT has positioned Raimondi’s heaviest lifters on many strategically important French jobsites. We will continue to build on our extremely fruitful partnership by supporting their work with Raimondi’s technical specialists and export and aftersales care experts,” said Ciano.