At stand G4017, ConExpo 2017, minicrane manufacturer Maeda USA and Maeda will showcase three MC-series models and introduce its small telescopic boom crawler crane, the CC1485. All of the MC models are outrigger-based small and narrow minicranes, designed for access to tight workspaces and limited-access job sites.

The 3.1t MC285-2 has a 31.5ft maximum tip height and a 30in machine width for access through any doorway. It is the most useful for the tightest spots. Versions of the MC285-2 being exhibited will include the dual-powered diesel and electric model, with the Maeda single-person man basket for lifting personnel, as well as the dual powered gasoline and LPG model.

Attachments for the MC285-2 will also be on show, including searcher-hook boom-tip extensions and long-reach auxiliary winch assemblies with 340ft of wire rope capacity for work well below the machine.

The MC305-2 has a 3.3t capacity with a 47ft maximum tip height. Throughout the lift chart, it has double the capacity of the MC285-2. The dual-powered diesel and electric model of the 4.2t rated MC405 with single-line overhaul ball, which offers a maximum tip height of 67ft from the optional fly jib attachment, will also be on show.

All MC-model Maedas offer wireless radio remote control, moment limiter safety systems with load indicators, heavy-duty black or non-marking white rubber tracks and three sheave hook blocks.

Maeda will also introduce the new CC1485, the only small telescopic boom crawler crane marketed in the US, which will replace the LC785 in 2017.

The CC1485 is a 6.6t-capacity telescopic boom crawler on a heavy-duty steel undercarriage.

The no-outrigger design offers a 72.2ft maximum hook height and near zero tail swing.

The CC model is similar in size and design to the popular mini excavators, but is equipped with a telescopic boom and hook. The CC1485 will display an offset swing-away fly jib attachment for optimal height.

The safety features on all Maeda MC and LC crane models include state-of-the-art programmable moment limiter safety systems, anti-two-blocking, and multiple warning and shutdown safety systems. Maeda cranes comply with all OSHA and ASME B30.5 standards for mobile cranes, and all engines conform to current US EPA emissions standards.

The Bocker RK 36/2400 mini crane is also slated for introduction to the US. The machine’s lightweight articulated boom and jib offers an unprecedented 118ft of maximum reach and maximum lifting of 2.36t, carried on a powerful diesel/electric mini rubber-tracked crawler carrier with multiple angle outriggers.

With full remote-control operation and an optional access platform basket, the Bocker RK 36/2400 will offer great advantages in mini-crawler lifting in the US.