The SK597-AT4 represents the fourth and newest generation of the Spierings hydraulic mobile tower crane with four axles.

The four-part jib of the SK597-AT4 offers a 48m radius in addition to a compact vehicle length. The maximum lifting height is 27.8m with a jib in horizontal position, and 58.1m with the jib at a 45° upward angle.

The SK597-AT4 has the very latest technology when it comes to cranes, the company says. This crane can lift its maximum load of 7,000kg without using the additional ballast blocks and the assembly time is also unbeatably fast. Just four minutes are enough for the outrigger support base and eight minutes to fold out the crane.

The truck cabin of the SK597-AT4 is completely renewed and offers an optimal comfort. Users can benefit from features, which include an automatic ZF AS-tronic transmission, Bluetooth communication, truck navigation system, air conditioning, a high-quality sound system and reverse drive and side view camera with a monitor in the cab. In addition, it is the first Spierings cranes equipped with standard disc brakes.

The crane is extremely manoeuvrable on construction sites and public roads thanks to the hydropneumatic suspension system, high and low gears and several control programmes. This enables the Spierings crane to travel longer distances without any problems, so it can be used in a greater area.

Several improvements have been designed so that the SK597-AT4 can guarantee an extremely high level of quality. The enhancement of the hydraulic operation is unrivalled, allowing precise and fast movements of the crane, the company says.

The superstructure diesel engine drives three hydraulic pumps for crane functions, with no interference from inefficient components.

If required, the crane can be equipped with four 2,000 x 900mm steel pads, and with an auxiliary crane arm for placing the steel pads.

The company says that the six-axle Spierings SK1265-AT6 is the largest mobile tower crane in the world and has already been constructed more than 110 times.

Features include the powerful EURO 6 engine, the high-performance pneumatic brake system and the excellent overview increase safety on construction sites and public roads.

The SK1265-AT6 has been designed with a 5th extendible jib section, which is combined with the four other jib sections and this delivers an unrivalled radius of 60m.

The crane can be operated from the cab and the ground, so that the operator can always have an optimum overview of operations. No separate jib sections are required and this crane can also be fully operational in under 20 minutes.

The SK 1265-AT6 10 TA has been especially developed for the German market. This six axle crane has a capacity of 10t axle load.