DATES: May 16 and 17 – 9.00am – 6.00pm

May 18 – 9.00am – 5.30pm

VENUE: Rockingham Performabnce Park, Corby, UK

Site Equipment Demonstration (SED) will celebrate its 40th anniversary between the May 16 and 18 at its new home – the Rockingham Performance Park (formerly Rockingham Speedway) in Corby, Northamptonshire, UK.

The old site at Fen Farm, Milton Keynes, which staged SED since 1991, is scheduled for redevelopment, and the organiser reckons that Rockingham will be SED’s place of residence for the next 15 years.

SED 2005, which was held at Fen Farm for the 15th time, was hailed as the most successful show ever, with 21,916 visitors walking through the gates over the three-day show.

The organiser is expecting that figure to be eclipsed this year. More than 370 exhibitors are already committed, 125 of them new to the show.

Although some crane manufacturers have pushed the event down their list of priorities, there is still plenty of interest to make the trip worthwhile.

Tower crane specialist Vanson Cranes Ltd, for example, will be exhibiting the latest addition to its VC self-erecting tower crane range. The VC42 is the largest model in the range with the ability to lift 1t at 41.8m. It can, says Vanson, be erected and operated within a confined space. The company adds that this capability reduces both erection and dismantling costs when compared with conventional tower cranes of a similar size.

This crane is self-contained with its own fully hydraulic erection system and ballast-handling derrick. Vanson says this avoids the requirement for third-party lifting machinery, enabling it to be erected and dismantled by just two people.

To avoid the problem of over-sailing a neighbour’s air space, the jib has been designed so that it can be operated while folded.

Meanwhile, UK-based Hitachi Sumitomo distributor NRC Plant Ltd is launching the new Hitachi Sumitomo SCX 800 2HD. It will be the first time this crane has been seen in the UK.

The SCX 800 2HD has retractable undercarriage tracks, which operate hydraulically, and enable the crane to fit onto a low loader.

NRC has designed and fitted a system whereby the crane can remove its own counterweight. The company says it is the only crane in its class that can do this, and is planning to demonstrate the feature at the show.

Also on the NRC stand will be an 8t telescopic crawler crane, which was launched last year.

The 2006 event will be the first SED show since Italian loader and marine crane company Effer Holdings and its sister company, access equipment supplier Bizzochi, were bought by CTE Spa for €13 million.

By 2007, CTE wants Effer and Bizzocchi to produce approximately 2,500 cranes and 500 access platforms a year (compared with approximately 1,600 cranes and 250 platforms last year), and achieve a turnover of €60 million.

The UK arm of CTE has secured two stands at this year’s show. It will be showing the complete range of truck-mounted cranes that are now being manufactured by its Italian parent. So, on show will be the “super compact” Z14, and the Z20 mounted on a 3.5t chassis. In addition, CTE will be showing the new Z32 and 4×4-mounted Z20.

CTE will also exhibit a range of Effer lorry loader cranes. Effer is a well-established Italian manufacturer, which has not been present in the UK for a number of years. With fresh impetus from a new management team, new funding, and a recent streamlining of production manufacturing facilities, CTE is keen to raise the profile of Effer once more in the UK.

Ernest Doe, the UK importer for Italy-based Cormach, will be showing a range of lorry loaders rated from 1 to 180tm capacity.

Cormach export manager Giulio De Luca says the 34000 E ASC loader crane – launched at Saie in Italy last October – is one of three cranes you can see at SED this year.

The 34000 has eight extensions, and is the ninth crane in the 34000 series after the E3, E4, E5, E6, E7, E8, E5F64, and E6F64.

Cormach also plans to show the 40400 and 65000 E.

UK-based Dunham Crane Hire Ltd is a new exhibitor to SED. The company, which has operated as a house developer for more than 40 years, has extended its expertise into crane sales and hire with self-erecting tower cranes as its speciality.

Dunham has acquired an agency to import Italian FB Gru self-erectors into the UK for sale and hire. They range in size from the smallest, with a jib of 17m, to the largest, which has a 33m jib. The smallest still lifts 500kg at 17m, and from 28m up to 33m they lift 1t at their respective limits. The 33m-jib version lifts 4t to 10m.

Oktopus UK supplies trailer mounted lifting arms and mini crawler cranes from D-Crane and Klaas. Oktopus and D-Crane will also be exhibiting at SED for the first time this year.

Oktopus will bring a number of its lifting attachments, including small crane mounted systems as well as the Oktopus GA-V/H, which is designed to fit on telescopic handlers.

Also on display, and fitted with an Oktopus attachment, will be the MC-285C Mini Crane. It has a 2.82t capacity and a 8.7m reach. It is also slim enough to fit through a doorway.

Look out too for the TC 28 trailer crane with its 28m reach and 360deg rotation.

Hiab will display several new HIAB XS lorry loader cranes, Multilift and Moffett products. Hiab Ltd is introducing new models to the HIAB XS range, a product range that has been developed to focus on productivity. Hiab is also bringing to the show its demonstration trailer with all the latest Hiab cranes and control systems.

Also exhibiting with lifting-related products at SED 2006 will be Italy-based Autogru PM Spa, and UK-based City Lifting Ltd and London Tower Crane Hire and Sales Ltd.