At a glance, the operator can find all the lift parameters graphically. The system is extremely flexible and can be customized to meet the most demanding requirements.

Functions performed by the i3000 include rated capacity indication, range limiting, load indication, outrigger monitoring, slew indication by absolute encoder, anti-two-block system and data logging. The versatile display shows the majority of these functions on one graphical screen.

The i3000 is suitable for telescopic, port, dock, tower, lattice and rail cranes. Installation and calibration are simple and the i3000 meets all known international safety standards.

Key features include continuous indication of duty and falls parts of line settings; intuitive pop-up menus; graphical display with backlight, wide view angle and anti-reflective window; hoist rope overload protection; motion cut option; self-diagnostics system warning the operator of any type of system failure; audible and visual alarms; load input from pressure sensors, tension links, load pins, or any strain gauge device; sealed touch-sensitive control panel; other languages as an option.

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