Link-Belt has unveiled the LS-308H II, a 100t (110 US ton) lattice boom crawler crane designed for duty cycle applications. First to see the crane were delegates at the Specialised Carriers & Rigging Association’s crane and rigging workshop, held 20-22 September in Lexington, Kentucky, USA. The workshop ended with a tour of the nearby Link-Belt plant, which also included a presentation on the new crane and the opportunity to get a close look at the full Link-Belt range of crawlers, RTs and truck cranes.

The new LS-308H II is a sister model to Link-Belt’s 50 US ton and 80 US ton duty cycle crawlers, the LS-108H II and LS-208H II.

The drive unit of the LS-308H II is produced in Japan by Link-Belt’s parent company, Sumitomo. The boom is produced by Link-Belt in its Lexington plant.

The crane is powered by a 248kW (332hp) Mitsubishi engine, which Link Belt says provides plenty of reserve power to operate auxiliary loads.

Front and rear drums have 28.6mm (1.125 in) wire rope and the power plant provides 16,828kg (37,100 lb) of allowable line pull and 24,948kg (55,000 lb) of available line pull. As a duty cycle machine, the clamshell and dragline rating is 14,628kg (32,250lb) with 36.6m (120ft) of boom.

An optional front-mounted third drum is available on the LS-308H II, as well as an optional high-capacity fourth drum with true free-fall.

The large hoist drums and drum brakes are designed to be easily accessible for routine maintenance.

The crane also features a fan-driven, dedicated-circuit, remote hydraulic cooler and dedicated engine cooler with separate hydraulic reservoir and Nephron filter to remove fine contaminants. An optional auxiliary hydraulic cooler power package provides additional hydraulic supply for various attachments.

Controlled through a separate flow control valve in the operator’s cab, pump cavitation and contamination is eliminated, according to Link-Belt.

The crane is equipped with 15m to 49m (50ft to 160ft) of 1.5m by 1.37m (60in by 54in) in-line, pin-connected angle boom. Adding the 23m (75f) tubular lattice jib gives a maximum tip height of 67m (220ft). A 1.5m (5ft) single sheave tip extension is also available. The boom top sections are outfitted with universal top section connecting lugs for auxiliary sheaves and pile driving adapter.

Lifting sheaves mounted in the base section aid assembly, disassembly and transport. Quick track disconnects can attach ‘in minutes’ without the need for tools. The 22,905kg (50,496lb) counterweight is a seven-piece design consisting of one base counterweight and six wing sections to give greater load out flexibility. The crane lower is equipped with fast hydraulic jacks for easy track removal and loading. The complete machine transports in four loads.

The crane’s lower is designed with 0.9m (36in) self-cleaning track shoes, sealed track rollers, idler and drive planetaries and compact hydrostatic drives for maintenance free operation. The tracks are designed with automatic hydraulic track tension and side frame extension/retraction. Overall length is 6.37m (20ft 11in) and width is 5.33m (17ft 6in).

The LS-308H II’s cab features backlit gauges, adjustable armrest-mounted, single-axis controls, ‘Twist-o-grip’ swing and throttle controls, hydraulic brake pedals with minimal pedal range of motion, optional fourth drum pedal and optional variable flow auxiliary hydraulic circuit control. Also standard is the environmental control unit with standard 18,650 BTU cab air conditioning and 19,000 BTU heater. An ergonomic design offers the operator several advantages, Link-Belt claims, such as greater visibility, more room, easy to read and intelligently located controls and gauges, adjustable boom and load hoist controls and a six-way adjustable seat.