A trade association has sent out a plea for offshore contractors to report incidents and accidents when lifting offshore.

Sooner or later North Sea the scale of decommissioning old offshore oil and gas installations will reach £50 billion (US$75 billion), according to the IMCA, the International Marine Contractors Association, which has published a position paper on this market for its members.

With a load capacity of 110kNm and a reach of 6.6 – 8.6m, the new 118.2 VGL is initially being offered in four boom versions and three stabilising widths. In the H1-B4 stress group and enjoying a slew range of 410 degrees, its operating pressure is 250 bar and flow rate 100 l/min.

In the past, Spanish industry has had a slight image problem in the international arena. Where Northern Europe represented engineering excellence, the USA durability and Japan reliability, products from southern Europe were sometimes seen as the poorer relations.

Local conditions sometimes make it impossible to build a bridge on-site. In these cases, the bridge must be built up on an adjacent site or bank, and then moved to the final position. This happened in the case of the Brussels Schaerbeke, where a 140m-long steel railway bridge weighing more than 1,600t had to be slid across a number of existing tracks.

There were just two new all terrains premiered at the Conexpo show in Las Vegas this year: the Liebherr LTM 1095-5.1 and the Grove GMK 5130-1. Though they have significantly different maximum rated capacities (95t for the former and 130t for the latter), both are five-axle machines. This is perhaps no coincidence since this class has been the focus of significant new product development in the past year or so. With sales of six-axle machines slowing down, the action is all on five-axles.


Raimondi has launched the MR210+3 GR4, a topless replacement for its MR210 city crane. The 200tm-class crane has a jib up to 70m long, at the end of which it can lift 1.65t. With short 27.5m jib section, the crane can lift 9t. Counter-jib, slewing table and jib are designed to go up in just one lift each. Seven of the cranes have sold since the first was made in the last few months. The model on show also had a special gearbox for switching quickly between low-capacity and high-capacity duty (see News).

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