The long list of suppliers for the massive Three Gorges Dam project in China includes Scheuerle of Germany which has supplied 36-axle line hydraulically supported platform trailers from its Inter Combi range. The trailers have 288 tyres and a capacity of more than 1,100t.

Driven by Mercedes Benz truck tractors, types 3850 A 6×6 and 4850 A 8×8, the trailers are used to transport equipment such as turbines and generators from the port at Jangsekiang up to the dam. The biggest components weigh up to 560t, but for smaller loads the trailers will be separated into two or more units, allowing several journeys at the same time.

The triple transversally coupled combination has a platform size of 18m in length and 10m width. While doubles have a mechanic/ hydraulic steering function,the triple combination allows electronic/ hydraulic/mechanic steering. The drawbar coupling element of the centrally arranged drawbar is disconnected mechanically.

Potentiometers and electronic controls enable the operator to determine the single steering angles required for inner and outer curves.

All trailers in the Inter Combi range are equipped with hydraulically supported pendulum axles. The axle compensation of plus or minus 325mm and a steering angle of 60O aids travel over uneven and narrow roads.

As reported in the February issue of Cranes Today, Scheuerle’s Inter Combi, Euro Combi and Flat Combi modular trailers are also being jointly marketed by Nooteboom of the Netherlands. Scheuerle and Nooteboom trailers can be coupled together both lengthways and sideways, and are fully interchangeable.