CWS is designed to ensure container lifts comply with the International Maritime Organisation’s Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) standards. Simon Everett, managing director at Strainstall, explained: “The NMRO approval process certifies full compliance to the IMO’s SOLAS amendment for the verification of container weights, and I’m delighted that CWS now has EU type approval.”

Strainstall aims for CWS to offer customers a fully compliant and robust solution. It’s designed to be easily integrated into terminal operating systems, giving a simple and automated process for producing a verified gross mass for SOLAS compliance, with no impact to existing terminal operating procedures.

“The industry is still experiencing some issues with implementation and enforcement, so this certification will help to give customers complete confidence in compliance and their ability to provide verified weights as legislated by the IMO, using our innovative and fully integrated container weighing solution,” Everett said.

CWS doesn’t just provide the verified gross mass of a container, but also container snag detection and its centre of gravity (COG), helping to ensure the safety of container stowage and transportation.