“The crane market in Brazil is very strong, there’s high demand for cranes, and the market is good for our customers too. Refineries need updating, and their capacity is being increased. Lots of ships and drilling platforms are being built, and rig cranes are selling well. Steel mills are building new furnaces and ovens, and increasing their capacity.

“Petrobras, a listed petroleum company with a large government shareholding, is the end client for many of our customers working in the oil and gas sector. Mining is increasing capacity too, and building new processing premises. In this sector, CVRD (Companhia Vale do Rio Doce, a fully listed and publicly owned business) is the main client.

“We’re selling well across most of our ranges. Anything from an LTM 1100 four axle upwards sells well: bigger cranes do best. We’ve just sold an LR 11350 to Locar, which will be shipped at the end of 2007”

Locar makes use of a Liebherr LR 1800 on a refinery job Liebherr Locar